Tuesday, October 22, 2002

A person I know at from the gunshows had to move last month. An everyday occurance, he broke up with his girlfriend of 12 years and needs a new place to live. But one big problem came up he would not have had to deal with before the mostly well meaning but not well thought out 9/11 legislation. He had 18 guns in his safe and moving them was no problem. Moving his safe is done by professionals. Many of us irresponsible guntypes have safes, that way we don't contribute to the leading source of criminal fire arms, which, according to the FBI, is burglary. Anyway, like all of us he is prey to the laws of economics. Buy things you want in large quantities when they are on sale. So he has 15,000 odd rounds of ammunition, which is not an uncommon thing among the people I know with multiple calibers of pistol, revolver, rifle, and shotgun, so he had to borrow a covered truck, pack it in the closed garage to load the ammo, move the ammo in rush hour when the nice officiers are busy, and wait until after dark to unload so his new neighbors don't narc on him as a domestic terrorist. The uneducated, for the most part, liberal media scum think that owning more than a 50 round box of .22 caliber shells makes you a potential psycopath serial killer. The possibility exists that our current nemisis could have bought one or two 20 round boxes of .223 at any major retail sporting goods store, or even Walmart. He hasn't been wasting bullets. When I go to the range, at least once a week and sometimes twice, I shoot 400-700 rounds each and every time, depending on what I am shooting. And another 500 on top of it if I am shooting anything, there are four possibilities, that is .22 caliber. One of which is apart at the moment, getting new parts that will change it's signature. The .22 ammo is cheap and they go quick. Of the 15,000 odd rounds in the move, 4,000 plus were .22 caliber. For Ray that is three days of shooting. For the liberals he qualifies as a domestic terrorist. TANJ

ps I am entering into this at the strong urging of Mark Kleiman, a good and faithful friend. My goal is to educate unknowing liberals and others about the people who own guns, the many reasons they do, how they look at things, and matters of a technical nature relating to fire arms. I am a NRA Life Member, which means I have and will continue to support their lobbying effort financially, I am a recruiter for Gun Owners of America, a newer and more online progun lobby, a vendor at the dreaded Gun Shows, and strongly believe if you don't vote, you can't bitch. I am a strong believer in the world according to Robert Heinlein. I am a combat veteran so by definition my view of the world is different from most of you. Hopefully I can convey a different perspective to some of you and you can try your best to convince me of most any thing.